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Chatbots for


A chat gets the brand closer to the customer! Use a chatbot in order to know your customer’s preferences and to send information and services that teach, support, get interest and entertain. More personalization (and personality) on the communication with people!

Your brand can gather millions of friends!

Inbot marketing

At the moment someone interacts with your chatbot on Facebook Messenger, he becomes your “friend” and your company is then allowed to send him messages. Use this feature in order to send customized messages, with the information or service that you know your customer needs!


Create the basic chatbot flow and put your contact online


If you already have a customer database, use your corporate channels and advertisings directed on digital media in order to incite them to become your friends on your new channel.


If you haven’t gathered the contacts of the people you plan to get in contact with, through the chatbot, yet, identify the audience profile and use directed advertisings on social networks, so they will take your customers directly to your bot.


Carefully analyze each interaction your audience performs with your bot. Use this information in order to target it!


Define customized campaigns to each identified target. Stay always close to the customer and provide him with the best experience with your brand!

Virtual Assistant

Besides serving, an AVI chatbot is able to inform, to teach and to entertain the customer! When designing a conversation that is efficient and, at the same time, pleasant, you can offer exactly what the customer wants with few clicks, creating an awesome connection between him and your brand.