Chatbots Platform

Creation and management of corporate chatbots

We create engaging and efficient chatbots, using our 17-year-old expertise in interactions via messages. We follow conversations and make modifications in order to keep improving the channel and getting it closer to the audience.

“With a chatbot it is possible to digitalize communication. From this moment on, digital transformation begins within the companies.”

Roberto Oliveira, Take's CEO.

We help companies to start or to speed up their digital transformation

Starting with simpler processes and evolving to include more complex services, your chatbot allows the attendant to dedicate only to cases on which he can help the maximum as possible.

Developing chatbot’s abilities in order to perform a receptive service

The first step is to create a company contact, integrated to BLiP, on several message apps. The simple processes that customers frequently search for, when in contact with the company through message apps, are the first ones to be automatized. Some examples are accounts management, information about products and services, FAQ, among others. We can also perform the chatbot integration with the company`s management systems to offer support to digital employees and to help the customer to operate autonomously.

Integration with management systems and “friends” acquisition to the bot

Once created and duly tested, it is time for you to disseminate the new channel so customers will try it out and your company will conquer thousands of friends! We support your team on the leads’ base management and on the campaigns’ planning with the goal to conquer even more friends.

Active communication actions (push) focused on the business goals.

With a significant friends’ base, we support the customer on the creation of engaging and relevant actions to each one of them, based on direct triggers. The action’s format and content (disseminating promotions and exclusive offers, performing an engaging action, among others) vary according to the business goals.

BLiP platform development and management

BLiP is a platform that aggregates multiple interactivity solutions through message in order to help developers to build their chatbots.

  • • Unique development and automatic publishing on several message apps
  • • SDK available
  • • Integration with payment solutions as well, for transactions via chatbot
  • • Support to artificial intelligence

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