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Chatbots for

Customer Service

Discover a new way of interacting with your customers: just one click away from them, at any time, on several messaging apps, with the best service through an agile and multimedia conversation.

Intelligent Virtual Attendant (AVI)

Not all customers’ requests need a person to be attended to! With an AVI chatbot, it is possible to build a conversation flow which allows services and consultations to be performed in an automatized way. With a few clicks, the customer accesses the information or the service needed, in an agile and low cost way.

Digital Employee

Attendants need to dedicate their time to cases where they are more demanded: complex requests. Chatbots can direct the customer to the digital profile of a specific employee, which will be able to keep the service quality, without losing the conversation context. The customer talks to the attendant on the same messaging app where the interaction has begun. The dialogues with the bot and with the attendant are recorded and can bring valuable information to your business.

Active communication channel

Always ready to help, the chatbot is suited for the first contact with the customer, especially in urgent cases. Expand your digital presence: create and promote this new channel! With InbotMarketing’s techniques, you can use e-mail, advertisings or any other company channel in order to direct the customer to your intelligent contact.