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Chatbots for


Every sale starts with a conversation! With a chatbot, your company can get some customer’s information and preferences in order to exactly offer what he needs, at the right moment!

Sales Digital Assistant

Imagine a salesman available seven days a week! The conversation flow via chatbot captures customer information and directs him to the product or service which best fit his needs. You can also send pictures, videos or audio. For simple sales, the sales assistant can perform the complete process: from information up to the purchase closing and payment within the same conversation!

Digital salesman

For complex sales, the chatbot can get customer information that are necessary to the process and transmit them to the salesman, he will then be prepared for the conversation. An intelligent contact for the salesman also makes his work easier: the contact thread with the lead is all within the same conversation and specific details of previous interactions are easily recovered when necessary.

Sales campaigns

With Inbot Marketing techniques, you gather friends for your bot and are able to send them messages. From this moment on, your challenge is to create campaigns that are engaging and that help them to go through the sale cycle, closing more and more businesses.