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Our culture of looking beyond

A history of [r]evolution


Take was born in a period of cell phones’ popularization and grew up with them, thanks to our feeling for new possibilities that technology has brought. Today, we have a lot of pride of our 17 years of success in the Latin American mobile technology sector.


How everything began

Take was created on June 29th, 1999, with the purpose to take mobile internet (at that time only a promising trend) to people’s daily lives.


“Send the music name to 49810 and receive your ringtone”. This sentence represented a revolution for national communications and boomed Take’s businesses. We were pioneers and leaders in ringtones distribution, in first half of 2000.


During ringtones’ period, we got closer to national mobile operators and developed an integrated platform with their systems. We’ve realized that it could help other companies to enable their mobile services all over Brazil. This is when Tangram appears!

SMS services

Using our platform, we develop and manage communication services and content via SMS to operators, such as TIM Music Store, Vivo Chat and Vivo Dieta. We have launched collect SMS over the country and entered in the SMS Marketing sector.


Conversations via web get to the mobile world with maximum power. Taking advantage on our SMS expertise, we’ve changed our strategy to support companies on the creation of multimedia conversation services, what we call chatbots.


Seriously engaged with our mission of improving conversations between people and organizations, we’ve launched Blip, an integrated platform for the creation and management of chatbots. Our product aggregates the best and most modern interactivity solutions via messaging, and our team is ready to help companies to offer the best experience on service and sales in these new channels.

quem somos

Já são mais de 15 anos de destaque no mercado nacional. Crescemos junto com as tecnologias móveis, com faro para detectar as novas possibilidades que elas trouxeram. Conheça esta história!

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clientes e parceiros

Desenvolvemos nossos negócios ajudando organizações a se comunicarem melhor com seus públicos. Listamos nossos clientes e parceiros, que nos estimulam todos os dias a ser ainda melhores.

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Pessoas em primeiro lugar: esta é a filosofia da Take no relacionamento com clientes, parceiros e funcionários. Saiba mais sobre nossa cultura organizacional.

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Sem medo de arriscar e tentar o novo, nos orgulhamos de ter feito história na tecnologia móvel nacional.

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Sediada em Belo Horizonte, a Take conta também com escritórios em São Paulo. Confira os endereços e venha nos fazer uma visita!

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